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A mudshark with implants and a CD rack full of Jay-Z and Beyonce.
Since when did Betsy get the phobia?
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
A white person who truly believes they are black. A Caucasianaphobic will be seen wearing XXL clothing with urban logo's or a hip hop artist airbrushed on it. They talk with a what is supposed to be ghetto slang and sport large medallions the size of a license plate around their neck, this is sometimes accompanied by a large fake diamond earring or nose ring. Majority of Caucasianaphobic's are white trash women with a large black boyfriend. This occurs because the woman has been rejected by Caucasian males for being sloppy and beat ass ugly.
Tiffany is so Caucasianaphobic since she started dating Leon.
by Jamie (somewhere in Philly) February 07, 2005

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