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Used to describe someone with the nick name Kat/Cat (Catherine, Katarina...) who is always negative about everything. be that moaning, complaining, being pessimistic...
"...Kat, stop being such a standard cathode"
"hey cathode, whats up?"
by phdboss November 20, 2013
A computer enthusiast and member of several underground communities on the internet. In addition Cathodes is a superb Halo Player accumulating close to 100k kills throughout the series in multi-payer alone. Called God, l337 and Ub3r cathodes epic skills and fully submersed internet activities have made him an online god.
Cathodes is a hella l33t social engineer.
by Cathodes November 13, 2010
Someone who is short.
Dave: You're the only cathode here. XD
Whole class: (laugh)
Nate: :((
by Le Mao August 17, 2012