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Usually proclaimed by fuck niggas, if someone asks you if you are trying to 'Catch Hands', they are asking you if you are interested in fight them. (Or catch fists.) You can disregard these questions, because most of the time, as said, this phrase is used by fuck niggas, and fuck niggas ain't shit. If they were being serious, they are most likely a wannabee gangster, and could easily be annihilated.
Fuck Nigga: Yo nigga, you tryin' catch hands?
Real Nigga: Shut up fuck nigga, you ain' shit.
by Traitor__ January 09, 2015
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The hand you don't use while masturbating. 'Catch hand' applies when in the slightly unfortunate situation where you masturbate past the point of no return, but suddenly realise that you don't have a tissue. Or a sock. Or a girlfriend!
Mike: Oh my god what happened your hand?
Joe: Never mind, its only my catch hand!
Mike: That is disgusting Joe
by Highkingofscotland September 04, 2010

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