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A catamount is a ferocious feline, a mix between a mountain lion and a bobcat. It is predominant in the mountains of Western North Carolina, particularly Cullowhee, and in New Hampshire. Its prey of choice happens to be The Mountaineer. It excells in mauling dumb App State students, leaving their remains unidentifiable.
The catamount pounced on the mountaineer and ripped its face off.
by wcuballin January 24, 2009
The Catamount is a mythical creature supposedly found in the mountains of the Northeastern United States. In most aspects it closely resembles a mountain lion, lynx or bobcat, excepting it's ability to shit blocks of cheddar cheese, piss maple syrup and exhale THC.
Stoner 1: Dude I was so baked last night I'm pretty sure saw a catamount
Stoner 2: oh yeah?
Stoner 1: yeah! i had it piss on my waffles they were delicious
by tom 12 April 28, 2010
An older man with a young woman or girl as a lover or wife. Sugar Daddy. Similar to the meaning of cougar - an older woman with a young wife.

In Vermont, mountain lions are known as Catamounts. Sounds similar to the word catamite (Latin catamitus), which was a handsome youth kept as a sexual companion in ancient Rome, usually in a pederastic relationship. The word Catamount aslo has the word mount embedded in it, which gives the word an added visual implication.
That catamount is always coming on to his daughter's friends.

That catamount has a young wife, but she's only with him for his money.

That catamount is driving a new sports car with a young babe in the passenger seat. Talk about a mid-life crisis.
by Timeflyer2012 January 20, 2012
similar to jaguar, cougar, puma, bobcat. An older female who chases younger women instead of younger men.
Dude, some catamount was trying to steal my girl last night...
by TB_rider March 08, 2011
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