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The theory that you can tell how good a man is with his hands from the way he strokes a cat.
Guy #1: Dude, you're practically assaulting that cat!
Guy #2: Whaaat? No way! I'm just stroking it.
Guy #1: That does not bode well for you according to Cat Theory.
by Oletha April 04, 2010
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The Cat Theory....

A cat chases, catches, plays with, tortures, then kills, and finally eats a rat. That is how cats act/behave.

The celebrity and sometimes mainstream media, the rag mags, and their online and catch a story or person that is bad/ with that story/person......torture (suck the money out of featuring) that story/person......AND when that story/person can't make the media any more money......they finally kill and eat (destroy) that toxic story/person!
The Octomom is living proof of the cat theory; she is being used by the media and will be destroyed WHEN the time comes that she can't make much money for them. Actually, the destruction has already begun.

The balloon boy parents are another example of the cat theory in action.
by Peanut Santiago October 21, 2010
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The theory that women are like cats, in the way that when you go to pet a cat, it doesn't want anything to do with you, but when you give a cat no attention, it comes and cuddles with you. The same goes for a woman and the amount of attention you give them.
How did you bag Sara bro? She's a 10!

Cat Theory Bro. Ignored her for two weeks. Works every time.
by bacondeliguava July 19, 2016
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