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Quite possibly the most addicting video game ever created for any console. wreak havoc among the tiny creatures of the land with none other than, YOUR OWN TINY COLORED KNIGHTS! embark on the adventure of a lifetime and battle your way through the fantasy world or giant fighting corn and bats with the uncanny ability to lick you to death. weapons, magic, and poo galore.... dont ask just play!
"hey, you wanna go play some castle crashers?!?!?"
"heck yeah, man i could do that all night long"

by JewC December 21, 2008
Castle Crashers is an amazing 2-D game created by The Behemoth for that you can download off of Xbox Live. It consists of 4 knights (red, blue, green, and yellow) who are trying to take down a wizard and it's evil barbarians.
Castle Crashers > All other games.
by Eric DeRienzo November 14, 2008
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