Usually a nickname for 'Cassandra'. Cassy is an outgoing, and fun person. She's amazing to be around, even if she can be a little bossy or pushy at times. She's funny and loves making people laugh with her weird personality! She has a great sense of style, and she loves fashion! You see the latest trend or style, she's probably wearing it! She loves animals, and she's a very kind person. She's also usually quite smart and she ranks high in most of her classes. Some of her hobbies will probably include singing, dancing, reading, and writing. She can be quite a nerd! She might love superheros, or skateboarding, or interests can vary in many different things!
Alice: Did you see that latest trend? So cute, right?
Isabella: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw Cassy wearing it!
by ILikePancakes July 24, 2013
A girl who likes to sit in store parking lots
Theres that cassy again at cvs
by Shelly Ally May 06, 2011
Usually a white chick that lives in Oregon and likes Ducks. Prone to bouncing off of clerics in Castle age and has an uncanny ability to attract smart ass men. (Sometimes dumbass ones)
Ok, who the hell just Cassied? Someone just bounced in East, is Cassy here?
by g0ateh September 26, 2013
The biggest slut you will ever meet. She will sabotage you, and she may look out for her younger siblings and who they go after/date or get together with. But in the end she's a rotten skinny twig bitch who will try to ruin your life and call you names that you are obviously not.
Cassy is a slut.
by Monica Britfer May 28, 2013
elise's bestfriend.
by xx3LiiS3xx September 03, 2008
1. Usually a very unpleasant girl with an unpleasant face. There's an odd chance of it being a pleasant girl, but still with a mildly unpleasant face.

2. A girl with an incredibly large nose

3. A try-hard-get-none hoe

4. A girl with acne and a lot of it
Guy1: That girl is such a hoe
Guy2: And look at her nose she's such a cassy!
Guy1: I'd do her with a bag over her head.
by haronorfkorea March 01, 2009

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