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1) A magnetic strip of Jesus sexy 2) Loud creature who farts a lot
I wish I were a Cassie
by Doile Lee April 29, 2012
A girl that goes out with a guy
for a month and breaks up with him
cuz someone lies their ass off and
she believes them. And she says
shes done with relationships
but yet keeps breaking the guys heart
by lying and messes with this new guy!
Cassie heart breaker
by The One You Say You Loved August 03, 2008
A beautiful, crazy, offbeat (and AWESOME) female/transgender female who loves ham and chicken titty. She will slap anyone & everyone with the bitter-sweetness of cold, hard reality yet protects anyone she cares about. You don't want to mess with her... If you do you will get a pissed off ghetto white girl tackling you. Not into apologies unless you're thisclose. She is fun to be with especially if you're feeling wacky or are on a natural high due to laughing or energy drinks until she gets tired, then she's adorably crabby. Don't try to wake her up in the middle of a sleep or she will go ninja on your ass, when not trying to wake her up she is known to spoon. Call her a bum or weird lovingly and she'll return the favor graciously.
"You're so weird Cassie."
"Awww, thanks bum!"


"You my bum, hehe"

"Gurl please..."
by Sporkforpresident January 21, 2012
a nickname for someone with the HUGEST dick you have ever seen.
chick: have you seen johns dick?
girl: oh ya he is Cassie all the way!!
by melaboo<o_O January 17, 2011
A girl that is sweet, but can come off selfish. she is naive, but a slut. she is pretty, but is also insecure. she is smart, but lazy. she is a walking oxymoron.
You're a good friend but sometimes you can be a Cassie.
by WeedSavy May 31, 2011
a fat, dirty bitch.

shaped like an oompa loompa.

thinks shes tough but in reality shes half of everyones size and can only run her mouth.
dresses trashy, like she just rolled outta the bed.
friend stealer.
look at that cassie, acting like she owns the place!
by karmabitch October 03, 2012
A beautiful young women who should go out with zeke not that stupid fat zach and often lies
Cassie: Hey zeke how about we go to mcdonalds tomarrow
Zeke: Sweet, yeah when
(Next Day)
Cassie: Yeah sry i didnt drive today
Zeke: It's friday we were supposed to go to mcdonalds
Cassie: Yeah i lied
Zeke: Damn Cassie
by L'Z The Godly May 06, 2011