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Someone of both Asian and Cajun descent.
Dude, check out that Casian!
by さき September 11, 2009
A person who is half Asian, and half Caucasian
The Casian girl walked down the street.
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
a cool asian, someone who is well liked, and happens to be asian as well
Grant is a casian, unlike some of those Korean motherf*ckers!
by h.n523apocalypse March 12, 2008
An Asian person who is also Cajun. Usually living in southern Louisiana and having a better tan than most Americans. They talk without the Asian accent but have slanted eyes.
They are both Cajun and Asian. They are casians!
by Msrhearhea June 21, 2013
Casian is a person who is half curry and half Asian also the name of a band; compiled one half of curries and the other of Asians.
She is Casian, her mother was Asian and her dad was curry.
by cloudia June 22, 2006
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