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A term used to describe a job preformed "under the table" usually by individuals who arent qualified or persons avoiding taxes.
The job is often completed to a poor quality.
*A car has broken down and a man/woman is looking under the hood*

*passer by* "ahh looks like we could do a cashy here"

* A new item has just broken* "fuck whoever put that together was doing a cashy"
by LX Hockey February 10, 2010
to be of wealth, have money, to be flush,to loan money from.
how are you for a money?cashman "im cashy"
by boss laard July 22, 2006
Cashy (adjective)
The quickest and easiest way to describe a finshed or cashed bowl of marijuana, especially whille stoned.
-Is there another hit left in that bowl?

-Nah man its tasting cashy, oh well pack another!
by all_durty_day September 17, 2009
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