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A rap group that is pronounced "Cash Money" that has released 1 album and is working on the second. The second one is called 'Zimmermann'. The first one is self titled with the tracks such as, 'Billy's Got A...', 'Yo Mama Is A Dyke', and 'Feathered Hat (feat. We Are McElheny)'. Cash$$'s third album is going to be titled 'Dreyfuss' and has a track on it called 'Titties, Titties, Fuck Now (TTFN)'. The members of Cash$$ are: Lava, Mudslide, Robinhood, and Cumshot.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Did you see that Cumshot chick from the band Cash$$?'
Person 2: "Yeah, she's so hot!"

Example 2:

Person 1: "What was that badass song called?"
Person 2: "It's called, 'Yo Mama Is A Dyke' by Cash$$."
by cash$$ June 29, 2010
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