Case Western Reserve University is a Napoleon college. Though small and in general unknown outside those who have reasons to look at college rankings, Case also stands as a powerful school that finds itself on fertile ground for students with imagination, innovation, and motivation.
As stated by others, Cleveland and Case have room for improvement, as do all colleges. However, I dare say that Case prepares its students appropriately by forcing them into a sink-or-swim environment that replicates post-campus life. Case mimics reality, a world where opportunity isn't handed on a platter and where social outreach, intelligent growth, and personal motivation are an individual's responsibilities, not a governmental obligation. What looks like oppression to some students is to others an opportunity to be challenged and to mature. It is what college exists for.
If people wish to party and lead wild lifestyles, going to college is not the most time efficient or cost effective path to take. The 50k we spend per year will go far for traveling and living an eventful and exciting life. Perhaps some students who feel frustrated with Case might benefit from spending a year's tuition cost/time traveling and enjoying the world. Perhaps after such adventures students could then sit down at the table, pick back up the Case hand they folded a year ago, and realize that for education, Case truly excels at what it sets out to do.
I admit that TV Guide, pre-planned entertainment is not Case's forte - though I do know most Case students still somehow form lasting social networks and many wonderful friends. Case borders along a blatantly obvious poverty zone - but amidst the same streets shine not only countless cultural experiences but also many areas of need for those students who feel positive actions speak louder than empty complaints. Case requires its students to make sacrifices to reach the goals they seek to attain - but those who give what it takes succeed in their careers and accomplish their ambitions.
Napoleon was no great sight in foreign lands to the native peoples who expected a tall and daunting military commander - but those who were aware of who Napoleon was recognized him as a strong, pragmatic commander, the leader of France. In the same manner Case will be a disappointment to students who apply without thinking about what enrollment here will put before them. For students who are aware of what Case has to offer, there is no better educational opportunity in the country.
Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune. ~ Nicholas Ling
by Matthew Schnupp March 18, 2005
True... some of the stuff said is very true... there aren't that many good looking girls and the ones that are "good looking" or considerd as such know it and take alot of advantage of it. HOWEVER, guys here at Case have no game. They complain about the "few girls that are good-looking" being stuck up and ignorant but they do not realize that those girls just act like that towards them and not towards all guys. I know guys here that get more (quality) ass than toilet seats and have a great time at this school. True I am writing this in a break between studying for 3 midterms but that doesn't mean that I will not have fun once those are done. We still party every weekend, we still go on spring break, we still get laid, and we make tons of money after school. If you choose to stay in, however, and look at porn on a friday night, or post these definitions complaining about how much this school sucks, instead of going out and having fun, then it is not going to change. This school has a motto: Create your own fun. If you know how to create fun then you will have an awesome time. If you know how to befriend yourself with people that can create fun then you will also have an awesome time. If you are lazy or boring, you will have a terrible time. It is just that simple. One bad thing about this school is the rumors that go around. That is one thing that still resembles high school, but i guess that makes sense since people that are "cool" at this school were not "cool" in high school, so they are still getting used to it.
Things that people did at this school:
2 chics at the same time, 3-some, 4-some, 4 girls making out, girls flashing for alcohol, 2 girls in the same night, more than ace level in a sorority, yay off a girl's ass, sex in the bathroom during a fraternity formal, sex on the bus ride home from formal... many more
I transfered out of Case. I was one of the lucky ones. As such, I figure I have the duty, no, the moral obligation, to help define the school as I see it. There's a few brilliant observations so far - and one clearly written with Case's advertising budget; I have to rebuke it.

I came to Case thinking I was going to college - I wasn't. The problem was, I must have watched television and movies as a kid. See, my vision of college was one filled with kegs, beer bongs, LSD, student protests, wild sex, marijuana, tequila, attractive women, INSANE parties, and that sort of stuff.

Do you know what Case actually had, of the above list? Marijuana, consumed in major quantities, specifically to dull the senses of the fact that all the above items are lacking.

Oh, there's tequila - check out Mi Pueblo. That place is the BOMB. In fact, as a student, you'll probably have a few good non-memories of walking to your dorm from there after it closes.

It's true, the women aren't great. But in conjunction, I have a new word to define: Case Goggles. When you arrive as a freshman, man, your expectations are high. You think it's going to be like the movies. Every day, every week, that your at Case, the goggles start to kick in. Your standards lower in some exponential equation (ask the case nerds to graph this, they can), and pretty soon, you get drunk and have sex or make out with a girl you DEFINETLY shouldn't have. You wake up, and your friends make fun of you. The funny irony is that you get to laugh at THEM in three weeks when they get the Case Goggles.

It's hard finding drinking buddies on Monday, Teusday, Thursday, and Sunday nights, but once you find some good ones, your set. The big drinking nights are Spot night on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The trouble is, there aren't parties half the time, and when there are, they're pretty lame. No kegs or hard stuff allowed. Wow, case sucks, huh? It get's worse.

Actually, I'm not even going to proceed - but it's bad. A year here, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Case syndrome.
Case Western Reserve University leads the country in Drunk IM's sent per student.

Playboy ranked Case Western Reserve University second worst party school in the country behind the Naval Academy.

I'd rather put my dick in a meat grinder than sit through three hours of recitations at Case.
by I got out February 26, 2005
Where a white person will be the minority, and discriminated against by anyone not white.
I was kicked out of a party at Case Western Reserve University because I'm not a brown person.
by evenedout March 17, 2011
A university in Cleveland, Ohio that focuses on engineering and sciences. It does offer a top notch education, but it is not worth it once you consider the following:

-90% of the girls are either really ugly, really plain looking, or both. The other decent looking 10% are pretty much reserved for the football players. Sorry. If you want a love life at case, youre going to have to find someone outside of case.

-Most people at case are so dull. They're too caught up in studying, playing guitar hero, frat business, online games, anime, and some random organizations that they have no interest in but simply want to include in their resume. Some of them are immature, arrogant and insecure assholes (see example). People here simply aren't chill, and they act like they're still in high school.

-Don't expect to party too hard at case. Frats rarely have parties with alcohol (or hot girls). Case students either don't drink or they are alarmingly inexperienced drinkers who get belligerently wasted off one beer and brag about the stupid shit they do at the time.

-The workload at case is ridiculous. It's extremely easy to fall behind in any of the classes, and you get fucked. Exams tend to pile up all in the same week. Basically, you study your ass off just to get a C or D on most of the exams. This usually equates to a passing grade due to generous curves, but you don't end up learning anything this way. The worst part is imagining showing someone your resume. As much as you would like your employer or the admissions office at a transfer college to appreciate the Ivy-league workload you survived through, chances are they simply haven't heard of the place.

-Like I said, Case Western Reserve University is conveniently located in CLEVELAND, OHIO. As in, the land of eternal winters, construction, potholes, poverty, crime, and absolutely nothing to do. I don't understand why people always respond "-but there's the rock and roll hall of fame!" yes! so? It might be interesting the first time, but it's basically a museum.

Don't end up like me kids. Don't go to Case.
In my freshman year at Case Western Reserve University, my bike and car got stolen, the only parties I went to were by CIA, and everybody in my building decided to talk the biggest shit about me for absolutely no reason, all while talking shit about each other. The only thing keeping me sane so far was an amazing girl I found at nearby Hiram college.
by trapped April 20, 2008
This definition is made in utmost seriousness:

Case Western Reserve University is hell on earth, quite simply. As 2004 Graduate said, "...if you don't want an academically challenging school, then you shouldn't go to Case." This is the worst excuse for the sheer boredom you will experience at Case; I have plenty of friends who go to "academically challenging schools" (Northwestern, NYU, etc.) who love their schools, as you can actually go out and have fun. It is not this way at Case.

First of all, you are lucky to find a party on the weekend, it just doesn't happen. Almost all of the frat parties are dry, themed parties that generally suck. If you do find a party that actually has alcohol, you aren't going to meet any new people because the "party scene" at Case is just like high school: its pretty much the same people at every party, hence, you don't meet anyone new. About the only way you will have anything that resembles a normal college social life is if you join a frat...but oh, wait, all the frats are pretty much giant sausage fests as there is a 5:1 guy to girl ration at ALL parties. This leads me to my next point...

Girls at Case are ugly. Not to say many of the guys are much better, as a majority sit in their rooms all day eating cheetos, playing RPGs, and dreaming of Dungeons and Dragons. To tell you the truth, there are some girls here that I would call attractive. It doesn't take long to meet all 10 of them. In all honesty though, it is very depressing to go home for weekends and see more attractive girls in 10 minutes at the mall than I've seen all year on my college campus, or to visit Ohio State where seemingly all the girls are better looking than Case girls.

Finally, to tell the truth to all you guys out there, unless you play football, you are not going to get laid at Case, it is as simple as that. This is obscene; a college where you can not get any action, let alone a relationship. The only sex you will get from a decent girl while at Case is if your girlfriend from home is visiting you for the weekend.

When I enrolled at Case, I didn't expect it to be as crazy socially as a school like Ohio State. However, I did expect it to be a place where you could have fun and be able to at least get some type of relationship with a girl, after all, isn't that a big part of what college is all about? Overall, my advice for any guy thinking about going to Case: If you don't care at all about girls or partying and your idea of having fun is doing math problems and playing video games, go to Case. If not stay the hell away. God knows after this year is over I am.
Case's unprecidented amount of porn on its network is the only thing that keeps the suicide rate down.
by Transferring Out ASAP February 20, 2005
Case Women aRe Ugly

Unlike 3 “unsuspecting” girls put it, CWRU really stands for the above acronym. About half of the guys are normal, I will admit that that weird half are really messed up, but 90% of the ladies are not ladies at all but massive bull faced trolls who rarely venture out into the sun, or moon for that matter, and who nobody wants to touch with a 10 foot pole let alone any part of their body. That is the real reason why the normal half of the guys do not socialize with the ladies. The other 10% can be split up into two groups. 9% are girls who think they are super hot when in reality they are nothing special and have a huge ego( my guess is that 3 “unsuspecting” girls fit into this category). The other 1% are actual good looking ladies who know how to have a good time.
So prospective male students if your ready to live a life of celibacy (unless you have a girlfriend at another school), where you have tons of work, drink alone, and constantly feel like killing yourself CWRU is the place for you. Now prospective female students this campus could be a gold mine for you so long as you’re good looking, smart, and don't have a huge ego. Remember ladies only you can change this definition; the power is in your hands.
CWRU has a TON of girls, just not a lot of them.
by Tell'n It How It Is February 14, 2005
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