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A university in Cleveland, Ohio that focuses on engineering and sciences. It does offer a top notch education, but it is not worth it once you consider the following:

-90% of the girls are either really ugly, really plain looking, or both. The other decent looking 10% are pretty much reserved for the football players. Sorry. If you want a love life at case, youre going to have to find someone outside of case.

-Most people at case are so dull. They're too caught up in studying, playing guitar hero, frat business, online games, anime, and some random organizations that they have no interest in but simply want to include in their resume. Some of them are immature, arrogant and insecure assholes (see example). People here simply aren't chill, and they act like they're still in high school.

-Don't expect to party too hard at case. Frats rarely have parties with alcohol (or hot girls). Case students either don't drink or they are alarmingly inexperienced drinkers who get belligerently wasted off one beer and brag about the stupid shit they do at the time.

-The workload at case is ridiculous. It's extremely easy to fall behind in any of the classes, and you get fucked. Exams tend to pile up all in the same week. Basically, you study your ass off just to get a C or D on most of the exams. This usually equates to a passing grade due to generous curves, but you don't end up learning anything this way. The worst part is imagining showing someone your resume. As much as you would like your employer or the admissions office at a transfer college to appreciate the Ivy-league workload you survived through, chances are they simply haven't heard of the place.

-Like I said, Case Western Reserve University is conveniently located in CLEVELAND, OHIO. As in, the land of eternal winters, construction, potholes, poverty, crime, and absolutely nothing to do. I don't understand why people always respond "-but there's the rock and roll hall of fame!" yes! so? It might be interesting the first time, but it's basically a museum.

Don't end up like me kids. Don't go to Case.
In my freshman year at Case Western Reserve University, my bike and car got stolen, the only parties I went to were by CIA, and everybody in my building decided to talk the biggest shit about me for absolutely no reason, all while talking shit about each other. The only thing keeping me sane so far was an amazing girl I found at nearby Hiram college.
by trapped April 20, 2008

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