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One of the few remaining specimen in the Western World who percieves to live amongst the rest of civilisation. Derived from Ahmed and Ezzah (Arabic version of Adam and Eve). Is often reffered to as a half-cast and one of the sole remaining founder members of the Tackawackarapa tribe.
Ahh a Carwyn looked at me. Watch out for that Carwyn spear.
#carwyn #bowen #carwynaphobia #tackawackarapa #tribe
by dobbin 252 November 22, 2007
Possibly one of the best and least used superlatives in the english dictionary. "Carwyn" which is an action which one person can undertake on another person basically means to rise above or beat. Currently being used more and more in the gaming scene as a put down or a mock.
Did you see how much Carwyn that guy just gave to that idiot?

I just Carwyned you fool!!
#owned #pwned #beat #own3d #n00b
by Carwynia June 15, 2006
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