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Completely lacking in athletic ability and all areas of life, has an I.Q. of 4 and enjoys alaskan pipelines; see related: douche bag, cock face, and dick licker
Man, Carter Brown can't make a layup.

Wow, he is such a Carter Brown.

Quit acting like a Carter Brown.
by People with an I.Q. March 08, 2005

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alaskan pipeline cock face dick licker douche bag
a complete dumbass, extremely hated, very stupid
He is such a Carter Brown.

He just pulled a Carer Brown
by anybody with a freakin skull March 07, 2005
A selfless altruist, one who truly exemplifies the idiosyncracies of chivalry. The next Lebron James. The quintessence of greatness. A true badass.
With the first pick in the NBA draft, the Atlanta Hawks select CARTER BROWN

Man, CARTER BROWN just kicked your ass.
by peewee123 April 05, 2005