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An NFL quarterback who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals and has potential to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in history. His ACL and MCL were torn on his first ever pass attempt in the playoffs. He will be back sometime in 2006 to kick the Steelers' asses.
{empty set} > Carson Palmer > Peyton Manning > Tom Brady > Michael Vick
by Weezer Ohio April 08, 2006
Its an Arnold Palmer (half tea half lemonade) mixed with Captain Morgan!! So tasty!!!
Do you want a captain and coke?

No i'll take a Carson Palmer!!
by Haynie 7 January 31, 2011
Someone who is a homer for his/her favorite team. For example, a person who stacks his/her Heisman ballot with nothing but players from his/her own former school.
That unreasonable guy with the face paint is a real carsonpalmer.
by Jason White December 09, 2004
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