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1. A person with red hair. See Also: red head

2. Scott Thompson, a widely known mediocre comic that is extremely obnoxious. See Also: Gilbert Gottfried
Oh crap, is Carrot Top on television AGAIN!?!
by sixgunsamurai August 21, 2003
a shite comic who lives in the rich area of Winter Park.
Somebody get Carrot Top off the air, please.
by KRHimself October 24, 2004
1) why is everybody so stupid saying that carrot tops are redheads. carrot tops are Green idiots!!

2) the top of a carrot
"hey look that guy is a carrot top"
"no hes not dumbass, carrot tops are green. hes just ginger"
by Alfonso The Pure February 26, 2006
1) A comedian with red hair.

2) An Orange T-Shirt
ex#1: Dude Shaun White's hair makes him look like Carrot Top.

ex#2: Gina you bitch lemme borrow that Carrot Top.
by superleetkillah-cap-a-cop May 25, 2009
A joke that sounds funny in your head, but the rest of the world doesn't think so.
"I'm sorry. That was a total carrottop. I thought it would be funny, but then after saying it realized it wasn't even close."
by Cannus December 15, 2008
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