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Carrissa is a female name reflecting beauty and creativity. In many ways it is closely related to the name, Eris who is the Greek goddess of strife and discord, her name being translated into Latin as Discordia. The name Carrissa differs however in that instead of spreading the strife and dischord, she has the affect of minimizing it or reducing it entirely. A woman who bears the name Carrissa will be strong and independent when she feels secure and supported. She thrives when she is loved and returns it with equal intensity. Carrissa’s throughout history have been known to inspire their lovers to accomplish great feats and the love they shares often grows into the stories poems are written about.
Carrissa had the face that launched a thousand ships.
#beauty #artistic #intense #amazing #unexpected
by decendingwinters November 13, 2011
A name often given to a women who will be strong and go very far in life carrissa's tend to become lawyers when they grow up using their beauty and high intellect to influence others.they are very modest and dont accept compliments often they are very protective of their friends and siblings. Carrissa's are generally amazing people who most guys would kill to get a chance to be in a relationships with. She is generally trusting and always kind
Co-worker1- Heard your talking to carrissa
Co-worker2 - yeah shes really special
Co-worker1 - everybody named Carrissa is
Co-worker2 - I know I'm really lucky
#beauty #kind #love #smart #funny
by logan sanford jarred January 03, 2014
A giant fruit cake or pile of pudding. Normally spoiled and never eaten. Some may we wrapped.
Carrissa: Get outta here, bitch!
#fruitcake #spoiled #rotten #pudding #funny
by Plummy January 03, 2008
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