Any of a wide range of afflictions resulting from repetitive commuting. Most common are sciatica and butt zits.
Crushed by cement ceiling tiles - that's serious Carpool Tunnel Syndrome!
by hbm September 21, 2007
Top Definition
When you are carpooling and you enter a dark tunnel and get that "uneasy feeling" as you sitting next to someone you don't "Really" know.
On the way out of Boston, Sally got Carpool Tunnel Syndrome from the new guy John.
by Daryl Tempesta February 23, 2008
Repetitive-stress injury afflicting attendants at highway and tunnel tool booths.
Chuckie O'Brien, the head of the New York State toll-takers union, has filed a lawsuit to force the state to recognize car pool-tunnel syndrome as an injury coverable by disability insurance and the state workers' compensation system.
by Tummy AuGratin March 03, 2006
Temporary, post 9/11 restriction imposed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey requiring all cars entering the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels during rush hour to have more than one occupant. This caused NYC-bound drivers to pull up to complete strangers at NJ bus stops and ask if they wanted a ride into the city. Sharing of tolls was optional.
Bus stop standee 1: "Did that dude in the Mercedes just ask you if you wanted a ride into the city?"
Bus stop standee 2: "Yeah. Must be carpool tunnel syndrome. I might have accepted, if he didn't have a boner."
by Webster, Merry M. August 09, 2011
The cause of Princess Diana's death.
She died from a serious case of carpool tunnel syndrome; except she didn't know it until it was too late.
by D Bokeyno August 13, 2008
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