to screw/have sex with
used when someone is extreamly pised off!!
stop carping with me before i kill you!
by sarah September 11, 2003
Top Definition
(n.) Spanish for a dude who is an obvious druggy / criminal / loser / trouble maker.

(v.) Being too obvious about something shameful.
Dude you have white all over your nose and you talked to a cop you fucking carpa.
by carposo January 12, 2011
(n); Spanish; A slang term for a male. Its can also be used in a positive or negative tone reflecting the speakers sentiment.
Yo Carpa, I went to the spot and man, there was way too many Carpas, so I left to a place where the girl, Carpa ratio was better.
by DA CARPA February 22, 2011
1. A familiar term of address for an old man, forefather or ancestor. (For use as a title of a person, not as a descriptive word for a clock)
2. The father of one's mother or father.
Talk about TMI!!! My car-pa just told me about his sex life when he was a graduate student at Harvard!
by Brage February 16, 2010
n. v. adj. used just as the word fuck
what the carpa are you doing?
where the carpa did u find that?
by alyssa September 08, 2003
The crumbs between your layers of fat.
I found some carpa while i was playing Halo 3.
by chad z March 03, 2008
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