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An interaction between two or more people (formerly friends) in which the members of said conversation partake in shit talking via facebook and 'ripping apart' verbally in a carnivorous fashion.
while reading this keep in mind man eating matt is marias ex boyfriend and blonde bailey is marias ex best friend-

"man eatting mattt- why are you and your ex best friend (maria) mad at eachother?

blonde bailey- because she hangs out with her boyfriend 24/7 and never wants to hangout with me when i ask her. so that is her problem. im done trying with her. and when they break up she is not going to use me and try and hangout with me. i cant talk to her about anythning and the last times we hungout she just had attitude with me and was bitchy. thats that

man eatting mattt- well she didnt exactly describe it like that. so makes more sense why your mad. but what pisses me off, actually just because its safer text me.

blonde bailey- im just not going to try with her anymore."

Maria - "Haters! wow that is some major carnivorsation! ehh vince?"

Vince- " ehh maria"
by Marnce September 27, 2010
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