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1) of or pertaining to the bloodlust of niggers
2) "carnivorous" applied to a nigger (that is, he wants to hunt yo' ass)
1) "Dayum, I want me some cracka ass so bad, I be carniggerous!"
2) "That mufuckin' pig gon' get carniggerized!"
3) Sir Thomas Haversham-Cockshafter to Sir Johnathan Cabbage-ass: "My lord, I have news of a new word--'carniggerous'!"
by Greg November 30, 2003
(adj.) the quality of someone who is only attracted to/dates/sleeps with black people.
"Danggg this is the 3rd Da'quan that Jane has slept with this month! She's mad carniggerous."

"That guy is so carniggerous, he's grindin' all over Shantal, Laquisha AND Shanaynay."
by HazeyBazey May 03, 2009
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