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A girl who can make anyone happy. Usually a very cute girl, that will always stand out. Usually the most beatiful out of everyone in a room. Most likely a very laughable girl. Makes good desicions, and knows what she wants in her life. Knowing a girl like this is very lucky. Never a back stabber, and will always be honest. Treat this girl right, or karma will get you.
Carmella, such an amazing girl.
by liveyourlife February 05, 2009
an absolutely beautiful girl with rockin' tits and a tight little butt who loves to go down down to funky town. she will always make you smile from her weird ass voices like creepy creeper voices and things that sound like dying roosters!
-Dude! your girlfriend is a fine ass weirdo!
-I know bro, she's totally a carmella!
by peterpiper69 May 11, 2009
the most beautiful girl you will ever know, she may have her small issues like insecurities and such but she always rock your sox off like no other. very loving and pretty and the sex is to die for!!
damn that girl is so smokin.
nah dude that is a carmella she is so beautiful and smokin hot!
by Wicked Rick August 21, 2011
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