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A Beautiful Woman. Normally blond. Very charming and loves to smile. Absolutely loves coffee and sugar! She's very kind, Caring and sweet. Almost to a fault. She is sought after by Manny men. However her heart belongs to one and only one. She ALWAYS looks out for those in need. However very likely to get fed up with various topics. She hates to hurt others. As well as loves to bring them joy. Sometimes i think she would sacrifice herself for a cause but never a selfish one. Carmanda is a girl worth protecting in any man or womans arms, Because she is the sweetest, Most attractive and Loving/lovable female ever. If one sought to be with someone named Carmanda, You would need to hope she isnt taken already. A Woman named Carmanda is not a girl someone can just pickup. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. They NEVER look both ways across the street. Not even one way infact! A girl named Carmanda is very easy to fall inlove with. Due to her natural charm and beauty.

Ps - I Love You Carmanda <3 >.< I Wish you'd love me back :|
Wow, man did you see that girl?' 'Yeah man she's totally going to get hit by that car!' ' No, Not that . I mean look at how beautiful she is. Her name must be Carmanda.
by Carmanda's Lover July 24, 2011
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