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2 definitions by X.Legend

1. The supreme being that exercises control and influence over all beings known as strogg in the Quake universe and has managed to manifest itself into our universe through John Carmack
2. The Last Boss
3. A really smelly joke
1. All hail the Makron!
2. "man i got fragged at the Makron"
"dude, that sucks"
3. I put a Makron in his pants
by X.Legend June 04, 2006
1. The vessel in which the Makron manifests itself in our universe.
2. Co-founder of id software
1. Through J. Carmack the Makron will kill us all
2. If it were'nt for good ol' J. Carmack we wouldnt have fun games
by X.Legend June 04, 2006