A Comedian who sucks ass when i started watching him i thought he was funny and thats because i was 7 now i realize hes a talentless sob
"lets buy a Carlos mencia dvd" why its bad dvd night
by immabeeejkimawasp July 23, 2010
1. Entertainer who often draws articulate, well thought out written opinions that highlight his deficiencies as a comedian by pointing out his plagiarism, lack of originality, and inauthenticity.

2. Entertainer who draws largely inarticulate, nonsensical, badly-worded written opinions often riddled with misspellings praising his comedic talent.
1. Carlos Mencia would just be another in a long line of unimaginative comics beating to death the "I'm Latino" premise, but his lack of originality is compounded by his inauthenticity, exemplified in the changing of his name to something that sounded more 'authentically' Latino.

To make things worse, and perhaps most damning of all, are the documented claims of plagiarism made by several comedians. Mencia has been accused of copying bits from George Lopez, Ari Shaffir, and Bill Cosby, among others.

2. man i dont care carlos mencia still hella cool shit it dont matter shit hes funny as fuck dont hate on the homie. seriously, the jokes were kinda similar, but not really, and anywayz, mencias was WAY funnier "so who gives a flying fuck" if you dotn lik him than your DEE DEE DEE!!
by order guzman April 05, 2007
Condradicting racist. can be seen on the horrible network comedy central. he even nicknamed himself "the punisher". who nicknames their self. honestly? should not be in america, because he is anti american and opposes everything we stand for. has no original material and mimicks the black comedian racist behavior. if i ever meet this mother fucker, he will get the ever lovin shit beat out of him.
beaner this, beaner that, whitie sucks look at me im carlos mencia my people are so oppressed.im not a racist you cracker!
by killioughtta October 29, 2005
Racist Mexican American who claims to hate racism but films racist commercials that are blatantly anti-Asian. But he has no guts to attack African Americans. Truly clueless and without a manhood, Mencia is a salty slug waiting to wither.

Carlos, come down to Austin. Oh, you are?
Carlos Mencia is a racist entertainer like D.W. Griffith.
by Irwin Tang May 14, 2006
A hispanic comedian who appears on comedy central in stand up shows or mind of mencia, his own show. At first, i thought he was pretty cool. I was tired of Comedy central, because of all the extremely racist black comedians talking about "the white man" They and their fans need to be shot and ripped to peices for their extreme ignorance of todays world. Anyway, the show was good, because right off the bat he ripped on every race. But after awhile, i began to distinguish flaws in his "equal" racism. Here is the percentages of what his jokes are about:
Stupid people(or, people he thinks are stupid) mentally challenged, those who make fun of him: 37%
Race.: 43% (icluded races below)
Whites: 13%
Blacks: 5%
Hispanics: 12%
Asians: 13%
Other: Jews, Italians, Irish, etc.: 1%
Jokes about terrorism and Islamic people: 10%
Politics: 10%
notice the difference between blacks and the other races? Equal my fucking ass! And the jokes he DOES tell about blacks, he then apoligizes and says "I love you, black people" SHUT THE FUCK UP! His jokes about people who hate him, OH that doesnt get old after the 5 millionth time! AND, his jokes about islams. Okay, ill admit that i absolutely HATE the 911 bombers and Al queda, but that doesnt give me the right to make fun of the peaceful, religious ones, and neither does cocklos mencia!
So, I have one message for carlos mencia:
Mencia, you are the most hypocritical tv personality in history. You jokes about Islams, Terrorism, Mentally challenged, people who dislike you, (ME!!) Politcs, and race are old and faggy. Youre just saying what everyone else says. So next time you appear on mind of mencia, or one of your gay stand up shows, please have new, more equal material, or GET THE FUCK OFF COMEDY CENTRAL
Carlos Mencias a douchebag, Period.
by Kevin The Savior May 25, 2006
A "racist" comedian that hates stupid ppl (not retarded) and is famous for the phrase, "Dee dee dee!". He also beleives in freedom of speech alot and exercises it...
Have u seen Carlos Mencia "No Strings Attached"?
by Mr. Coolio December 23, 2006
a highly misunderstood comedian. his comedy is often considered simple, repetitive, even unintelligent, however, those who take the chance to get to know his comedy have a much better understanding of where he is coming from. his jokes may seem repetitive because he talks about similar topics very often, but his jokes are usually about current events so he can keep them fresh. he has also been accused of joke thievery, however, the main joke he has been accused of stealing is a generic joke that anyone could have come up with: "America is talking about getting rid of all of their illegal aliens and building a fence to keep them out... who's gonna build it."
many people still may not like him, but that is okay as long as they understand why they dislike him. i have a hotmail account (erikboyd60). if you disagree with me, email me with an EDUCATED response.
Person 1-Carlos Mencia's material is so repetitive, uneducated, and racist.

Person 2-You may not like him but don't criticize him for one episode of his show just because you heard a "dee-dee-dee" joke. And hes actually the opposite of racist, he's trying to make racism smaller than it actually is. everyone has to be politically correct today to talk to people and he is trying to break the tension.

Person 1-Oh, I didn't realize that. I still don't like him, but for different reasons.
by eboyd32 June 03, 2007
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