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A) A lazy way of typing 'Help Me', usually when a person doesn't need help at all, just saying it to try and squeeze an extra 'lol' out of somebody or trying to sound cool and 'leet';
B) Spelling of 'Help Me'for a person who who either makes a typo or who doesn't write/speak english very well.
by TassadarMan August 08, 2006
A very ub0r treat that is related to being 1337. Very good with chips and a good movie, will make you pwn at every game you play...sadly almost no-one has made the perfect pwnsauce to date. Here is how to make my recipe for Pwnsauce in a few simple steps.

1) Assemble 13 jalapeneos, 37 pinches of spicing, and 1 cup of pwn (gathered from your local ownage vendor, such as Chuck Norris' hair ETC.)

2) Put into a large vat and churn for 13 minutes and 37 seconds. Then feed it to someone you don't like; this is vital to see if it was made correctly - wrongly made pwnsauce is almsot incindiary once consumed, such as eating a molotov cocktail.

3) You made add any other material to the pwnsauce, as long as you keep the same amount of jalapeneous and spices in the vat.

4) Get some chips and watch a movie/play a video game online and consume. Dramatically improved skills are very common.
by TassadarMan August 09, 2006
Owner of the Comedy Central show "Mind of Mencia". A very funny show, however most people believe that since he sticks close to the jokes he does best, he is an old act, stupid, racist, and is a downright "fucker", which he is not, but it is the people who say this that are the fuckers, as they decided to flame a comedian they probably saw once or twice.

Carlos Mencia picks upon race jokes and social status for his prime material. Famous for his "Dee dee dee" line which means "Moronic" "Retarded" and amongst other degrading names..

Guy:Did you see mind of mencia last night? That Carlos Mencia is hilarious.

'Tard(Billy): Well i think his bag of race jokes is MEAN and stupid, outdated and...err...poopy.

Teacher: Billy, here is your social studies grade, math grade, science grade, L.A. grade, and humor grade. All were an F.

Guy: Boy billy, you sure are DEE DEE DEE!
by TassadarMan September 03, 2006
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