a good fast-food resturant to go to when you have the munchies after smoking weed. 2 famous stars 4 $2.50 will fill you up and it feels good
i was so blown that night i had the mad munchies i skated to carl's jr. and pigged out. ate 2 famous stars they were the bomb. i was also trippin out in carls jr that night, on top of that the employees there were baked too. hahahahahahah
by stoner matt February 27, 2007
Hands down the best restaurant or any place to aquire food for that matter in the whole world.
"I'm Hungry, I'm going to go eat at Carl's Jr."
by Zach September 12, 2004
a potent laxative which may be extremely addictive.
him: Dude, how was that Six Dollar Burger?
me: Dude, i think its kicking in.
him: Oh shit, furrealz?
me: Yeah, hold on i gotta go to the bathroom.
(20 minutes later)
me: Dude all that shitting made me hungry. Let's go to Carl's JR.
by Darnigga July 17, 2009
Popular watering hole for young Ahwatukee dwellers. When they are out of Beer.
Hey dude let's go waste the night sitting at Carl's Jr.
by Clint W March 30, 2005

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