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Sick to the max. Danker than you.
That muffin was the bomb dot com.
by *&^%$#@! August 16, 2008
thebombdotcom (L337 speak update of the common phrase the bomb) is used in speech (and text) to articulate a persons feeling of being good at something or in general. It can also be used from an onlookers perspective in both a positive or negative connotation, describing a particular attribute the person portrays, or as a general statement.
>> Sean: "I am thebombdotcom"

>> Sean: "I am thebombdotcom at CS"

>> Trent thinks he is thebombdotcom at fighting, but he got rolled by a small bouncer and he stole his money. Haha what a cake!

>> Mike Tyson is thebombdotcom at boxing.
by omg i am wtf uber November 15, 2006

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