An amazing device that can easily be made into a variety of things.
Quote from Calvin and Hobbes:

Calvin: "Hey, Hobbes, wanna go time traveling with me? See, I built this time machine." (shows Hobbes a right-side-up cardboard box)

Hobbes: "This looks a lot like your transmogrifier."

Calvin: "To the inattentive layman, yes, but with the transmogrifier, you crawl under the box, whereas in the time machine, you climb in on TOP."

Hobbes: "Ah."
by Hmail April 27, 2012
A Cardboard Box is a cheap, nasty or lower class whore. Usually found downtown during daylight hours and the also at around 3-4 AM on Sundays. Name refers to the "females" box aka snatch and cardboard meaning cheap and shitty used and abused and possibly recycled a few times.
Did you hear James got Aids from messing around with that skeezer he likes downtown. I warned him but like a dumb ass he started playing around with her cardboard box and voila he got burned bad. I actually don't care if he dies from this. As a matter of fact I hope it is painful since he decided ignore me.
by saharadryhumor January 23, 2015
a home for poor people

something you put stuff in
used for moving
greg: hey meg lets go to your place7
daniel hutley (meg): we wont both fit in
greg: why
daniel hutley (meg): i live in a cardboard box
greg: piss of meg you have no friends
by meg2211 May 13, 2011
When a woman is surrounded by six tanned men who orient themselves into the shape of a box.
"Dude, Karen's such a slut, she got cardboard boxed last night!"

"We need five more guys to Cardboard Box Cindy Lou Who."

"One of Jesus Christ's More controversial miracles is when he duplicated himself into six copies of himself and Cardboard Boxed Mary Magdalene"
by Richard Johnson Jr. March 06, 2010
A dull and boring person who lacks an imaginative spark. A person who is not scintillated by life and breaks no rules. He dresses plainly, speaks calmly and is dependable and faithful. He does not have any hobbies or any interests other than earning his bread and butter. He is common, found easily and pleased quickly.
"Oh! Tom is such a cardboard box. He completely lacks intuition, is a bore to communicate with as he has no fresh ideas of his own and peddles out mundane and dull facts all the time."
by fiery living April 18, 2010
It is a six sided square construction made of card board to house loose or fragile material to facilitate easy storage and transportation.
by rajnish mittal July 27, 2003
A small or large container made from cardboard.
my house! find me behind 711.
by I have seen the promise land April 11, 2003

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