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The union, or belief in a (re)union between the characters John CARter and abBY Lockhart on ER.
"I love Carby"
"I miss Carby"
"Carby is the love that will return - move over Doug and Carol"
by Ash April 13, 2005
9 7
The extremely turmoil but wonderful relationship between doctors John Carter & Abby Lockhart on the televion show 'ER'.
"Gosh, Carter is sucha wanker. I think he's back on the drugs or something."
"He is always with them damn hoes. "
"I sure do miss carby."
by Lawfawnduh January 18, 2005
15 9
High in carbohydrates (viz. fatty).
I'm trying to lose weight, that chocolate bar is way too carby for me.
by MSJos July 10, 2008
4 5