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A person's sexual history
"Hey what do you think of that girl, should i talk to her"

"I don't know dude did you check her Car Fax"

"No why?"

"She have a lot of miles"
by datboydere0028 April 28, 2010
1.Proof or evidence supporting your outlandish claims.
Origin is from the CARFAX.com commercials featuring a fox that is best known for saying, "show me the CARFAX," to unsuspecting car salesmen.

2. A list of people you've had sex with.
1. Person 1: I met Jay-Z last night!
Persion 2: Show me the carfax or it didn't happen.

2. Person 1: Person 1: So when are we gonna make it official and become a couple?
Person 2: You gotta show me the carfax before we get serious.
by SACBRUH May 04, 2013
What the fox actually says.
"What does the fox say?!"

"Show me the CarFax"
by KayM October 12, 2013