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Cantr is the general term used for the tiny dying web game Cantr II, (Sometimes referred to as Cancr, CantRP, or Cuntr). A PBBG that hasn't been advertised or significantly updated in 15 years, in which you can play up to 15 characters in a nearly empty, lifeless world, and besides the armies of abandoned or locked 'sleepers' never find more than the same handful of MRAs, furries, rapists, protected characters of the admins, and child fuckers to RP with, as we've been a full year on a campaign to drive any other sorts of players out.

This MMORPG is fully created by the players, who we hope soon will no longer exist. We lost 40% of the player base back in February 2016, and hope our new policy of handing out bans for mentioning or visiting the TV Tropes or reddit page for the game will help us reach our goal by 2017.

Slow paced, Cantr is great for those with limited time, as they will be punished for actively playing, using unwritten rules we invent on the spot and forbid anyone to speak of on the forum under threat of instant thread deletion and banning.

Note: Cantr is NOT a hack and slash. It's more of a 'Instant Drag followed by Silent, Leisurely Week-long Stab', but don't worry, and as long as you're a Russian and a friend of the admins' your characters will achieve the power of the gods, be returned from the dead in case of any mishap and teleported safely home.
A player protected by the admins: "In Cantr, rape can be hilarious."
by BigSpanishD October 22, 2016
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Cantr is the general term used for the pbbg Cantr II. A PBBG in which you can play many characters in a ever growing world. This MMORPG is fully created by the players and NPCs do not exist.

Slow paced, Cantr is great for those with limited time but the ability to eventually have several characters means that meta-gamers might have fun here too.

Note: Cantr is NOT a hack and slash. Here is true RP/role playing.
Cantr II is an online role-playing game, in which a large number of players play an even larger number of characters who all together form different societies all over our virtual world. Societies exist in different languages, whereby all language groups play in the same virtual world.

Playing always from the perspective of each individual character, you can try to play the worlds most famous politician, most feared criminal, most cunning military commander, most wealthy entrepreneur, or most beloved village idiot. Any role you can imagine you can play in this game and the challenge is in playing it consistently, and in achieving the goals you set for your characters individually.

Cantr II is a slow-paced game. Many players only play for a few minutes per character each day and one meeting can take a week to play. The game is designed for players who have more on their agenda than just gaming. However, you can start up to fifteen characters and when they are all heavily involved in their respective communities, they will give you enough to do for a full-time job as the player! Be warned, many players experience Cantr II as being very addictive! ;)

Although some experience in a language is needed before one can play in that language group, the game can be used very well to practice your language skills in a second language. Just play one or two characters in a non-native language and you`ll be surrounded by people talking the language you are learning. Or you can play a character and so once in a while take a step back and observe what kind of societies you see forming, which can be very educational.

The gamemaster

Note: Gamemaster is not the writer of this definition.
by DudelRok April 18, 2009
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