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absolute beauty
yo that beky chick is mad hott !
by vanilla killa November 16, 2003
385 41
Sexy Italian beasts!!!! Really smart, good-looking, proud, honest, and valued people. Olive skin and dark hair, what more can you say... yea they're stacked too!
Girl: Did you see Cannavo today?

Gril #2: Mmmmm yes I did! I think I'm getting withdrawls
by CannavoISGod November 30, 2011
288 31
A name that means awesome, attractive, intelligent, and ridiculously talented. people with this name are often envied and loved.
Guy: Everyone is so jealous of Cannavo!

Guy #2: Of course Cannavo is good at everything and sexy as hell.
by Cannavo'sSexy December 01, 2011
281 41