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Scottish slang for can't
"Ye Cannae Feckin Park There!"
by phat_chan September 07, 2005
Scottish in origin, means cannot.
I cannae believe it mate!
by nyqs81 September 20, 2005
Can'nae is a scottish slang variation of "Can not" or "Can't"
No you can'nae dae that
by AlanTheIdiot March 19, 2007
Cannae was a city in the Roman Empire, notable for the Battle of Cannae, in which the Persian general Hannibal brought a force of 60 elephants and 3000 or more men across the Alps to attack. His objective was weakening of Roman militia, in which he succeeded.

Cannae is also a military battle archetype, commonly called a "Battle of Annihilation", meaning a battle used to weaken enemy forces significantly.

It is also a mispronunciation of "Can't" in Ireland and similar locations.
Hannibal invented the Battle of Anihalation in the Battle of Cannae
by Experiment J February 03, 2011
Unless you are Scottish or live in Scotland, this is how absolute fucking retards spell/say the word 'cannot'.
I cannae come to the gig tonight
by rorz758 April 12, 2006

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