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Canlisharinese is a mixture of 4 different languages:
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.
The "Can-" is derived from Cantonese; the "-lish" is derived from English; the "-arin" is derived from Mandarin; and the "-ese" is derived from Japanese.
However, using this language always cancels another language out, as English is an Subject-Verb-Object language, whereas Japanese is a Subject-Object-Verb language.
It is considered to be a joke language, as not many people speak all 4 of these languages, and the majority who do speak the 4 languages do not collide the 4 languages together.
Please note: Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese use the same characters, just different pronunciations.
Example of Canlisharinese:

Sentence: "彼女は is 很可愛い today."
Pinyin & Romanji: "Kanojo ha is ho kawaii today."
English: "She is really cute today."
by AyukuraChan October 13, 2011
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