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2 definitions by AyukuraChan

The Chinese version of a weeaboo, or a wapanese. These people are very annoying and they obsess over anyone who lives in China, or has Chinese blood in them. If you speak any Chinese language like Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese, watch out--they're going to get you for your language ability. They try to type out Chinese Pinyin, but fail hard. ( Most of them don't know what Pinyin is. ) They are NOT people who have a major in a Chinese Dialect and can ACTUALLY write pinyin properly. Chinaboos usually like to write their name in Chinese Characters when they do schoolwork, and fail very hard at the strokes and the order of the strokes. They also buy things with Chinese Characters that they don't know the meaning to. Chinaboos take Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese drama to an obsessive level by trying to pick out phrases from it. These people are NOT the same people who simply enjoy to watch these dramas. Most of them are also k-pop lovers. Chinaboos are usually not Chinese themselves, but they claim they have some Chinese in them.
If you speak Chinese and one of them adds you on Facebook, be careful. You're in for a big roll of a 'lao shi'.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear? In Social Studies, Sarah was totally correcting every Chinese word that people said. The thing is, she didn't even say it right.
Person 2: Yeah, I know. I even told her, and she started to call me a China hater.
Person 1: She isn't even Chinese, what the hell?
Person 2: Pffft, duh. She's a total Chinaboo.
by AyukuraChan May 09, 2012
Canlisharinese is a mixture of 4 different languages:
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.
The "Can-" is derived from Cantonese; the "-lish" is derived from English; the "-arin" is derived from Mandarin; and the "-ese" is derived from Japanese.
However, using this language always cancels another language out, as English is an Subject-Verb-Object language, whereas Japanese is a Subject-Object-Verb language.
It is considered to be a joke language, as not many people speak all 4 of these languages, and the majority who do speak the 4 languages do not collide the 4 languages together.
Please note: Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese use the same characters, just different pronunciations.
Example of Canlisharinese:

Sentence: "彼女は is 很可愛い today."
Pinyin & Romanji: "Kanojo ha is ho kawaii today."
English: "She is really cute today."
by AyukuraChan October 13, 2011