Candle Jack, a supernatural villain who abducts anyone who says his name aloud. He is a character from the cult favorite cartoon show, "Freakazoid!".
"Candle who?"

"Candle Jack!"

*Candle Jack appeares and ties them up with rope.*
by Viral January 03, 2006
Top Definition
Candlejack is a villain from the TV show Freakazo
If you say Candlejack's name, you get kidn
by miji March 19, 2007
Candle Jack is a villian from the WB show, "Freakzoid". He abducts anyone who says his na
You idiots, candle jack isn't real. I can say it all I wan
by m0d August 14, 2006
CandleJack is a character from the TV show "Freakazoid". Supposedly, once you say his name, he kidnaps you. This has led to many jokes on the internet.
CandleJack is freaking aw-
by SoulEatingFreak August 31, 2006
When you say his name, he kidnaps you.
Who is Candlejack? He sounds reta
by Zomg man of teh ubers July 03, 2009
The boogieman from the old show Freakazoid. He kidnaps and ties up anyone who says his name. He was eventually captured and lured into a cage by Freakazoid with a pumpkin pie.
Kid 1: "Don't say it!"
Kid 2: "Say what?"
Kid 1: "Candlejack!"
Kid 2: "Candlejack?"

Candlejack: I'm gonna need more rope
by thatdudewhosometimeswritestuff August 12, 2010
A retarded forced meme. I mean, who seriously thinks this is fu
stupid forced meme made by /b/tards. apparently if you say candlejacks name you die but that's blatantly bullsh-
candlejack just doesn't exi-
by samjackson5102 May 26, 2010
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