Candle Jack, a supernatural villain who abducts anyone who says his name aloud. He is a character from the cult favorite cartoon show, "Freakazoid!".
"Candle who?"

"Candle Jack!"

*Candle Jack appeares and ties them up with rope.*
by Viral January 03, 2006
1) The spooky man who takes away people who say his name. 2) Rayne's homeboy.
1) Jim: "Don't say Candle Jack! He'll come take you away!"
John: "But you just said Candle Jack!"
Jim: "Uh oh.."
CJ: "Hello, boys!"

2) Rayne: "It's Candle Jack! Let's have some tea and pie!"
CJ: "Okay!"
by Rayne Tempura September 19, 2006
Candlejack is some kind of retarded meme spouted by the idiot masses that are 4chan. It comes from this ancient TV show, Freakazoid, that should really just be forgotte
I think "Andlejack-cay" should be safe, right? I mean, it's not like Candlejack understands Pig Lati
by Mr. Baggy Trousers October 03, 2008
yet another unfunny meme from 4chan. (see jackass
F. A. Got: John, have you ever heard of candlejack? They say if...
John: Take it outside 4chan.
by Iron Chancellor February 29, 2008
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