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When it's too hot, or when someone's had way too much drugs and starts sweating like a candle.
Dude, you've started candeling again, maybe it's time to pace ourselves on that ecstasy.

It's way too hot in here, my body's gonna start candeling.
by Pita-Gyros November 23, 2015
Two men using ajoined catheters for pleasure.
Dude, John and I were totally candeling last last night and now I can't pee.
by whcgonzo November 02, 2012
When a male ejacutates multiple times into a male or females ass, puts a wick in it and lets it set and congeal.
"I love my new candeling scented candles I bought from the yankee candle factory."
by CaptainShrimpin February 08, 2015
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