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A really expensive cigarette.
Damn, a pack of cancervssuicides cost like $45!!! WTF, man?
by Sekani January 28, 2003

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The author of my gorious sig banner.
CvS is inferior to Bubbleman, but cool with me.
by IciclemanX March 19, 2003
Proper Noun-The opposite of jesus.
CancerVsuicide whould kill you to have your sins.
by cancerVssuicide January 28, 2003
Flaming homo who won a flaming contest againts the "Great" Vlakrodos
CancerVsSuicide smoked Vlakrodos!
by Jack_Ouff January 28, 2003
He is so inferior to Bubbleman, that it's laughable. Known to masturbate a considerable amount because he'll never get a girlfriend.
CancerVsSuicide is taking way too long to set up his NES review website.
by Bubbleman January 28, 2003
A guy who thinks UISjackolope is the best "n00b". Damn straight
CancervsSuicide knows the score!
by UISjackolope April 30, 2003