The best damn country ever! Huzzah for Medi-Care!
Canada kicks ass to a maximal degree.
by Birdinator December 13, 2008
I wish I were from Canada.
Me: I ask God at night why I was not born in Canada.
Canadian Guy: Damn straight.
by Some cock stole my name. September 08, 2007
The 2nd largest country in the world, known primarily for its snow, beer, whiskey and fine Montreal strippers. Canada is a passive place, where only criminals have guns, Liberals are conservative, and hockey is more important than Healthcare. The francophones hate the anglophones, the anglophones hate the francophones, and everybody hates the Liberals.
People from Canada are called Canadians, not cowards.
by Sean April 22, 2003
The largest and lonliest country in the world. Very cold in winter and very hot in summer (depending on where you live--like I said, it's big: one of our provinces is bigger than Europe).
We don't have interesting accents: most people think Canadians sound like Californians, but nobody knows why. We invented basketball and snowmobiles; we have a lot of rocks, trees and maple syrup.
A lot of Canadians like hockey even though lacrosse is the national sport.
And hey--we don't live in igloos. Seriously.
Canada almost never has wars (except sometimes when we help out the US). We like to keep the peace.
It's a bit boring but not a bad place to live.

Not to be confused with America.

And yes, we do have polar bears and Artic tundra and the North Pole around here somewhere. It's exciting, I know.
Canadian: I'm from Ontario
Foreigner: ...
Canadian: It's part of Canada.
Foreigner: Right! So do you know Avril Lavigne?
Canadian: No.
Foreigner: What about Bob, do you know--
Canadian: No. It's a big country.
by Jev3 July 10, 2008
Laid-back and liberal neighboUr to the north. Wanna smoke pot? Wanna marry your lesbian "life-partner"? Wanna have an abortion any time throughout your pregnancy? Wanna have the goverment PAY for that abortion? And most importantly, wanna never live in fear of terrorists flying planes into buildings?
Right on, eh?
Jim: Arrogant Americans can't comprehend why other countries see them as a swirling mass of stupidity being led by a corrupt chimp.
Bob: Canada's in da hizzouse, yo!
by carmendunwoody March 25, 2005
A group of the finest human being you will ever meet, always courteous, but we love to fight in bars.
im proud to have the flag of canada waving in front of my house in california. my neighbors dont.
by chris wilson (canadian) January 01, 2006
The country north of the United States (yes, I actually said the real name.) I have been there twice, and the more I see, the more I like it. Notes below.
. There are a lot fewer fat people in Canada. I only saw three fat people there durring my two week family vaction in Canada.
. The people have a more fun outlook on life; there is seriousness, but they seem to want to enjoy life more.
. The people are just more helpful everyday (I went downhill biking and a guy helped me get my bike onto the rack, as I was not strong enough to heft a 15 pount bike over my head.)
. Less trash talking, especially in sports, there were no raging fans at the baseball game I went to.
by Open-Minded American September 20, 2008
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