2 definitions by carmendunwoody

Laid-back and liberal neighboUr to the north. Wanna smoke pot? Wanna marry your lesbian "life-partner"? Wanna have an abortion any time throughout your pregnancy? Wanna have the goverment PAY for that abortion? And most importantly, wanna never live in fear of terrorists flying planes into buildings?
Right on, eh?
Jim: Arrogant Americans can't comprehend why other countries see them as a swirling mass of stupidity being led by a corrupt chimp.
Bob: Canada's in da hizzouse, yo!
by carmendunwoody March 25, 2005
A saviour more worshipped than Haysuess!
Thank GOD it's MY decision to rip "babies" from my womb as long as I live and breathe because it's my fucking body! Luckily, all my friends are abortionists. I RULE!
by carmendunwoody March 25, 2005

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