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3 definitions by osmo512

Things that are so unbelievably awesome, they come in pairs.
Damn, this boob is awesome! HOLY SHIT! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!

And on thy 8th day, God created the boob. And God saw that it was good, but lonely. So on thy 9th day, God created another. And it was awesome.

Boobs make the world go round.
by osmo512 April 21, 2009
America's hat.
"Bet you wish your hat was as cool as this hat." America

"Fuck you." China

"What? Sorry, I was busy trying to get Alaska to stop hugging me, what I miss?" Canada

"*sniff* I have feelings too!" Mongolia
by osmo512 September 09, 2009
Someone who gets off on people giving them attention, more so than any kind of sexual activity. The basis for many attention whores.

This orientation is especially common among teenage girls, many of whom will grow out of it once they realize girls who don't play games and actually follow through are getting more action.
Goddammit. You're another attention-sexual.
by osmo512 March 14, 2011