A sexual game wherein a Canadian woman no taller than 134.6 cm is place inside the Stanley Cup and hides a hockey puck deep within her neither regions. She then covers herself with maple syrup, places a toboggan (nee took) on her head, and slaps on a curlicue villain mustachio. Her partner must then cook 15 flapjacks, wear a lumberjack shirt, strap on snowshoes, and equip himself with as many used sweaty jockstraps of the Ottawa Senators as possible. Using the hot flapjacks he must remove the maple syrup, stuffing each one up his rear as they become saturated. After this task is finished, he will use his grapthrork (moose antlers attached to the forearm of a bear) to dig out the hockey puck. The female then preforms tugjobs on the male until he fills the entire Stanley Cup. The contents of the cup are then served to the local retirement home with the ass pancakes the next morning.
Did you hear that Jean Micheal and Joan Michelle were busy sharing Canada's History with the retirees at Shady Acres this morning? I hear it took them 12 hours to get everything together.
by Le Beuf February 05, 2010
An act of taking a champagne bottle full of firecrackers deep into a opening in a willing or unwilling partner. The second phase of the act is taking a copy of "The Beaver" and smacking your partner in the face as you light the firecrackers through a hole drilled in the bottom of the bottle.

PS It is wise to keep the cap on.
I hear Sally had a little rectal burn after her Canada's History last night.
by Crazy Anal Play. February 05, 2010
A sex act in which a jug of maple syrup is inserted into the woman's vagina and/or man's ass with the jug opening sticking out. The partner with the jug then squats over the other partner while maple syrup drips out, covering the other partner. The partner covered in syrup then fucks a beaver (if the woman is covered in syrup, a strap-on dildo is used). Then sticky, sweet, chaos ensues between the two and the beaver.
The apartment was a sticky wreck after the Canada's History from the night before. The dining room table was also missing one of its wooden legs.
by Hippopotannonymous February 04, 2010
the most gruesome sex act in the kama sutra that usually involves maple syrup, at least one moose, a duck, the stanley cup, and as many beavers as you'd like. This sex position is less popular than most others mainly because it is stickier than most, but is still gaining popularity in certain regions.
"hey stephen, wanna go have some hot sticky 'canada's history'-style sex?"
by colberttoldmeto17 February 04, 2010
An act pertaining to deeds of such vile proportions, it cannot even be defined on the internet.
Man 1: Did you see what that girl did with her beaver?
Man 2: No, what did she do?
Man 1: She performed Canada's History five times in a row!
Man 2: She'll end up on tv for that for sure!
by fishtarterseagullbeaverdude February 04, 2010
A depraved sex act involving moose antlers, a jug of maple syrup, and the Stanley Cup. Usually the insertion of one or all of these objects, variations including pouring the maple syrup all over both parties involved, or using it (not very successfully) as lubricant.
"Putting everything in there is the hardest part of Canada's History."
by katieboop February 04, 2010
A vulgar sexual act involving moose antlers, maple syrup, and the stanley cup.
oh man, what were you doing with her last night??
we were doing Canada's history
by sleepless in springtown February 04, 2010

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