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An Extreamly Attractive Person,
Oh That Cammers, I Definitly Would
by Robert12 August 27, 2008
A contraction of camgirl and spammer; usually a live person (not a bot) advertising a pay-to-view type site.
A living bot.
1) I was in a chatroom when suddenly this cammer showed up and tried to get us to check her out. At first we thought it was a bot, but they started chatting with us. It was probably a dude.
2) I logged in to my IM and some gal wanted to add me. We started chatting, but all she wanted was to get me to subscribe to her webcam. Just another cammer.
by hootentom July 02, 2007
a deutchebag
man that cammers kid is such a deutchebag
by Etzelr August 14, 2008

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