When an individual consumes a large amount of one or many types of alcoholic beverages, resulting in an extremely intoxicated physical state involving the loss of all or many motor skills, little to no sentence formation, slurred speech and complete incapacity to stand or walk without assistance from others. Also typical with this type of inebriation is the utter inability to respond to questions, and most commonly, the individual will reply with a series of short spurts of laughter.
Person 1: Dude, did you go to Clerkexamoff's last night?

Person 2: Yeah bruh, they were so Cammered!!!
by Be Easy B Keezy November 29, 2010
To get extremely drunk, vomit infront of you host's younger siblings/ children, and roll in digested spaghetti.
Guy 1: Dude, do you remember what you did last night?

Guy 2: Man, I remember absolutley nothing from last night.

Guy 3: You got completely cammered and now the kids think you're lactose.

Guy 4: Fuck.
by Rzad December 09, 2009

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