She is the most boring person you will ever meet I your life. She is uptight about everything and she always ruins your mood. She is the worst person to be friends with. Also she Hates when you pronnouce her name Kah-meal.
I hate Camille.
by Anon709 November 22, 2014
A girl who has no self respect for herself. Does things to piss everyone off. Hates the general public. Just a bitter person who would do anything for attention.
Person 1: Dude, I don't even know that chick, but she keeps pissing me off.
Person 2: Her? Oh, she's such a whore. She doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. She has sex with guys she doesn't even know!
Person 1: Seriously? Damn, what a Camille.

Person 2: Yeah. Just forget her.
by davictim September 09, 2012
a small dominatrix woman who enjoys sex and always rides on top
Don't date her, I heard she's a camille.
by LottieCia December 20, 2007
A lady who gets her head banged by viking. Usually seen screaming at randoms 'EAT MY CUM... ITS NASTAYYYYYYYYY!'
"... I did a camille last night..."
*in viking voice*"SLAMMMMM HERRR"
by yiannasmellslikerain December 01, 2010
dominatrix sexual position. male stands up while holding up female, going down on her, while female gives head to male. (whips are optional) as is anal.
" Honey i feel like doing a camille tonight!"
by ReneeNay January 08, 2006
(1) An advanced position of Kama Sutra, (2) The loss of one or more testicle(s).
(1) Let's try the Camille tonight. (2) Ouch! Chris definately pulled a Camille.
by Camille Graham June 15, 2005
A green mark left on a male not long after sexual activity, yet seems to have no origin and is unexplained,
"That's a nasty coloured bruise you have there"
"Yes, it's a camille"

"The day after he had sex he noticed a large camille on his thigh"
by imyisjokes March 23, 2009

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