A sex crazed young woman who thinks she is sexy for reasons other than what the people around her see. Delightfully oblivious to what the true aspects of her sexual nature are, she is always there in a tight jam (i.e. reliability is very sexy!) A true Cami has to be from Tennessee hill country. A Cami claiming to be from anywhere else is an impostor and should be considered a threat to you and your love one's safety. If you come across one, eliminate the bubbly creature quickly and with extreme prejudice. If, in extreme cases, your mangina is too heavy to allow you to act, call a real Cami and she'll come by to finish the job you're not man enough to. But, do so with caution, genuine Camis hate manginas and are likely beat on you for being weak. Cami's also have nice cats and ride dangerously close to the world of crazy cat lady.
Cami: (with thick Tennessee drawl) Could ya'll help me find my cat?

Guy: I'd love to help you with your pussy.

Cami: Say it again pretty boy and you're gonna wake up in a hospital bed confused and alone.
by M's & B's March 09, 2009
Top Definition
That of a rare kind. A blessing; never a curse. However, be ware of toying with its emotions. However gentle and kind, this fragile being can be toiled with and ruined forever. Be there for her and always let her know you care. Someone fun and outgoing and always good for a laugh. Kinky and seductive at times, don't let her fool you - she's too good for that just yet =)
the girl next door or right next to you =P
by Cami March 21, 2005
Cami is a very intelligent,tustworthy person willing ot give you the best advice whenver you need it. Tends to be self-consious, but loves herself all the same. Cami will love her frieds for hwo they are...no need to pretend to be something you are not around her! A Cami always has time for her girls, and will give her life for them. PIcky about her guys, but once she finds one she loves...she will keep wating till he gives her a chance!!
Isnt Cami the best friend ever?!
by Adele\ June 16, 2011
Short for camisole. A shirt.
Today I'm going to wear a cami and shorts.
by Elsje January 20, 2006
A zombie ninja-fairy. She has 223 sexy points and is so lame she's cool.
She invented the Napkin to English Dictionary and all that lies within.
She was the leader of the ever-powerful Spork Conspiracy.
If it weren't for the foot gnomes, Cami would be ruling the universe by now.
by Cami (Is cooler than you) March 16, 2007
Usually a kind and beautiful woman. All men love her and would do anything to be with her. She is very picky of her men and is committed so she will never cheat on anyone. Many say she is the perfect woman.
"Who is that amazing woman that just walked by?"
"Well my friend that is Cami"
by suchandsuch February 21, 2009
Absolutely radiant. Extremely beautiful, intelligent, interesting girl. Once you find one, don't let go, because she is well worth everything
Wow, was that a falling star?

Nope, that was Cami.
by jr-13 March 30, 2015
Shy but confident, dumb blonde but extremely intelligent, serious yet so much fun- a Cami is somebody you want in your life. Seductive at times, but don't kid yourself, she's too good for that just yet. A "good girl" to your parents but "bad girl" when you're alone, extremely sexy. Every guy's dream, everybody wants to hook up with her but know she's too good for that. Athletic, smart, goal-oriented, the sweetest most thoughtful girl around. If you get a chance to be lucky enough to date her, don't lose her. Many say she is the perfect package, and every guy goes crazy in her presence. Composed to those who don't know her well, but has a hyper, crazy side that she opens up to those she's close to. It's hard not to fall in love with her long legs and amazing body, but those entranced by her are entranced for her personality and good vibes- or maybe it's just her dance moves around her house
"Who's that beautiful girl over there?" "Why that's Cami"
by Fireboy22345 March 06, 2015

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