n. A man-whore, whose only interest in girls is that they "be atleast SOMEWHAT pretty." &have tits.

adj. To describe a small penis
n. Cameron goes through girls faster than kids go through candy.

adj. Dude! Check out that Cameron. Poor guy, no one wants to fuck him.
by yo, mister wilson July 10, 2008
Someone who is very inconsiderate and only thinks for himself. Uses violence if he doesn't always gets his way. He crushes on girls that aren't even his girlfriend. Likes to "joke around".
"Did you see that Cameron?"
"Yeah dude ! He was so rude!"
by Twogirlsthatarebored March 25, 2009
Bicycle riding Mormonfuck.
Likes to go out with one girl multiple times.
Likes to over react.
Emily's will love him...when hes not being a mormonfuck.
Avery's will not.
"that guy she broke up with was a real cameron they will get back together soon"
by jack hairy April 25, 2009
A walrus which has become addicted to sex, famously used in the David Attenborough documentary "Walrus World". It is also often addicted to drugs, its favourite being a natural form of LSD, found in some Crayfish.
"The lesser common Cameron Walrus is a very rare breed indeed..."
by Oscar :) April 29, 2008
one who kills randy wine. This person gets very drunk and makes up stories about sound engineers and kills him by expelling randy wine from the bodies of his friends.
Dude did you see cameron last night? He was so drunk he killed randy wine.
by donloncocksucker November 19, 2008
is a man that is rather tall, skinny, and pale. he is very sexist and rude. He likes to intrude on any conversation he can find (any were from band kids to jocks) and before you notice he is there he will laugh like a girl at your or your friend's joke. no matter how long you ignore him he will not go away.
"this douche bag randomly started to listen to me and joe talk then he laughed like girl."

"wooooow what a Cameron"
by handsoffhobos January 29, 2009
Cameron's are basically pin-dicks because of these reasons:

1.According to the Guiness Book of Records, males with the name cameron have the smallest penis on average in the world.

2.This is generally because they are midgets and just dont deserve a penis longer than 5cm.

There pin dicks cause them to make girls laugh and reject them thus making them root holes in walls.
Small Dick?
Must be cameron!
by You know who I am cameron March 12, 2009

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