Cameron is a big fat ninja, who looks shit most of the time, and stutters. He is never sensitive about what his girlfriend thinks, and he teases her a lot. He doesn't care if you sing pretty, and he just wants you to have phone sex with him. He is most likely to be seen cheating on you, even though only God knows why anyone would want to date him. I only dated him because I felt sorry for him, but he was a real ass. He reminded me of that retarded forward of the friend calling to say hello. He will shoot you, and likes to think he's gangsta.
by IfYouLikeToWaltzWithPotatoes December 05, 2010
he is so beautiful, taller then his girlfriend, he has dark hair, and he is the most wonderful person that could be met. ever. he is so ori.
hey, who goes out with sophielle?
I think its that cameron.. ;) he's lovely
by qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolppl June 29, 2011
A kinda funny lookin kid that replaces jokes with wierd sounds surprisingly good at sports and other things but takes it too far sometimes. He is immature and he does not care what others think. Is a good friend with a max(look up) and is often twins with a carter (look up) he no matter what gets at least one girlfriend per schoolyear
Chunky: Yo dat nigga just got tackled by his hood!!!
Jay-z: Yo, B, dont be surprised, he a straight up cameron, you feel me, and he playin football rite now, you down? Aint that right?
Random girl at school: *giggle* your funny wanna go out?
by Its_Max August 23, 2009
The guy who pretends that he is someone other than the person you meet. He is good at making you feel like you mean something but never truly asks how your day was or even cares. He is generally good looking, wants you to think he doesn't know it. Believe me though he does! He is very itelligent but acts like he has the brain of a chipmunk. Likes to drink almost every day, is generally very decent until he gets drunk and then procedes to be the BIGGEST ass you have ever met. If you meet a Cameron I would suggest you keep him sober!
A sweet talking man who will break your heart. That's a Cameron
by WhoCares????? May 19, 2010
A male human being that idolises the Code of Bros without scrutiny or lenience. However, Camerons often struggle to fully study the Bro Code seeing as their gargantuan testes often protrude into his line of vison, which wasn't fantastic in the first place, note the 4 inch spectacles. A Cameron often fing it a little struggle to 'get with' a female human being due to his strict following Bro Code e.g not calling within 3 days of a meeting. Camerons often get with animals to compensate for lack of female company. A Cameron often finds trouble coming up with something that isn't completely bullshit or relevant in any sense and often quotes at innapropriate times. A Cameron finds joy in the littlest things for example a lit candle or a tumbleweed, but tumbleweeds often blow past A Cameron with an abundnce of insults mainly due to A Camerons appearance or dress code.
Cameron Johnston
by Angus James Bartholemew December 15, 2009
guy who drives a camaro and hits random objects
Did you see that cameron he totally just hit that stump
by sly1999229929292 July 18, 2009
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